Friday, October 19, 2012

Notre Dame is 6-0

I've not posted much about football this year, which is weird, since ND is doing fucking awesome and last year I was constantly posting about heartbreak.

The Irish are 6-0 mostly because of their amazing defense that is lead by Manti Te'o. 

It will all probably end next week in Norman against Oklahoma, but right now, its perfect.

And Manti is hot too.

I Remember Love

I was incredibly bored at work, since now I’m training someone to take my job, so she does everything and I play on my phone. I wanted something to read, so why not blogs. I remember when I first found blogs, I would sit and read them before class or well even during class on my fucking T-mobile Sidekick. It was mid 00’s, when I think I found some golden ones that I’ve never really been able to replace. I think its because I related to these two blogs specifically for a few key reasons. I had body image issues, a dry sense of humor, found only purpose in going to the gym, and similar world views. Vividblurry is gone for good, the blog is now a place holder for ads, which sucks, I would have liked to go back and read it. London Preppy is dead, well not really, but now he writes really good books like Exit Through the Wound. LP definitely helped shape some of my interests like prep style and Bret Easton Ellis, and his blog/story was really enjoyable to follow. And with my aversion to try anything new, I somewhat lived through his stories about going out and his far more interesting experiences. He had a boyfriend after all.

I’ve been second guessing this choice to join the Navy lately, like….should I’ve really given up being a trainer for this? Granted, I wasn’t happy in Middletown, OH but will I be happy here in Monterrey, CA either? I had it pretty good back home, had a job I liked and a man, well sorta considering he was bisexual closeted case. I just felt like nothing was happening, but maybe I should have tried more to change that than just up and run away. I was talking to a friend earlier that the issues I had seemed to follow me here, so really what was gained?

I went for a ride with a guy from the Army earlier this week, met off an online site. We drove around, and talked, so I got a feel for him and then we fooled around, so I got more of a feel for him. I was trying to get some idea about what he liked…and it quickly made me realize that this was not going anywhere. He was closeted and bi, and not nearly hot or interesting enough for me to keep that up, and was apparently only into blow jobs. I started feeling sick, mostly because I rushed out of the gym after a workout to meet up with me and I needed to eat. My body saved me again.

My shoulder is back to normal, though I never stopped working out, so go healing factor.

I really want out of that admin job, going to have to hope they let me go on Friday and not wait right until the day I class up.

Chris hasn’t returned a text in a few weeks, probably will stop sending them for good. I didn’t expect things to go on anyway, but he was one asking about connecting again…

I really have an issue with being passive aggressive or being honest, one of those two things.

I’m not looking forward to this linguist training fucking up my gym routine…but failing out isn’t an option either.

I miss my training clients.

I got a Tumblr

And thats why this died, I'm sorry.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Brand New Big Ten!

So this week the Big Ten unveiled is new logo and its new divisions, since it started off this last around of college alignment by poaching Nebraska from the Big 12. And even though there is now 12 members, the conference will always be known as the Big Ten. I really doubt the conference would ever change its name, which is basically a brand and not so much just a conference. The logo isn't as creative as the old one, which had the 11 number put in the negative space, but its not bad. Its big, bold, retro, like the Big Ten.

So we have the divisions, Leaders and Legends. Right, which is basically pretentious and not that well thought out. Ohio St and Penn St are in the Leaders, even though they more known for their legendary traditions. It probably looked really good and sounded great in the flashy power point presentation but seems kinda stupid to the outsiders. The Leaders division will include, Ohio St, Penn St, Illinois, Purdue, Wisconsin, and Indiana. The Legends will be Iowa, Michigan St, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Northwestern.

The entire conference is set towards honoring the history of the Big Ten. The championship trophy is named after two great Big Ten coaches, Stagg-Paterno, and then the Big Ten Coach of yea will get the Hayes-Schembechler trophy. Basically, it is all self love for the conference and what it has done for the last hundred years.

Too bad Notre Dame missed out on joining in, they love beating off to their own history.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

College Football Week 14

Christian Ponder in warm ups, if only he got to finish his year.

We Cam, We Saw, We Conquered:
The SEC championship was a rematched of an exciting game earlier in the year, Auburn and South Carolina. The last time they met Auburn had to rally from behind to win and SC had to self destruct to give the Tigers a big enough opening. This time, it wasn't such a good game with Auburn winning 56-17. Cam Newton, who seems to be in the clear, played well and his hail mary TD at the end of the first half helped to push SC to the brink. SC pretty much fell apart in the second half and Garcia was eventually pulled by Spurrier, though it was pointless at that point. Auburn looked as good as they did all year, no comebacks needed and their defense was stout. I definitely think Auburn goes in as the favorite to win the championship and Cam is a likely lock to win the Heisman.

Blowouts to finish it off: Oregon played Oregon St, in what they call the Civil War, and these in state rivals can be very tricky. Oregon was slow to start bu eventually began to roll and ended up winning the game over a spunky but ultimately outclassed Oregon St. Not there was a Pac-10 championship on the line, but it was the final huddle for Oregon to get into the National Championship song. In the other blowout of the day, Virgina Tech and Florida St played another for the ACC championship. Florida St was without its attractive QB Christian Ponder, but his replacement did a rather good job of filling in by VT's offense was just too much and Seminoles couldn't keep up in the scoring match.

Big East ends with a....whatever the opposite of a bang is: The Big East has had a rough season, which it basically becoming a whipping boy for everything thats wrong with the BCS system of automatic bids. I'm pretty sure most of the Big East and BCS supporters were hoping that at least 24 ranked West Virgina would get in which would probably be less embarrassing than an unranked Connecticut getting the bid. Connecticut was in a close struggle with South Florida and it all came down to a field goal, a field goal to win the terrible, terrible Big East conference. 19-16 sends the Huskies to their first ever BCS bowl game and might give us the worst BCS game of the year, or ever.

Big 12 ends with a Big 8 rematch: Oklahoma and Nebraska meet up for what might be the last time in a few years, as Nebraska leaves its long time companion for the Big Ten. Nebraska and Oklahoma have a long historic rivalry that was often the center piece of the college football world in the 80s and 90s. They were meet up often in the old Big 8 conference before it was became the Big 12 and Texas took over. Most people thought it was going to be a rematch of last year's close, controversial game of Texas v Nebraska. And then Texas went from great to terrible, and we have Oklahoma from the south division. And it was probably the best game of the day, with leads going back and forth and it all coming down to the end. With 23-20, Oklahoma keeps the Big 12 championship in the conference and out of the hands of the departing Corn-huskers.

TNF: Texans at the Eagles

Thursday Night Football is a good time, provided you have access to the NFL network. I have yet to buy it for my house, well I can't anyway cause Time Warner doesn't offer it...Time Warner sucks.

Anyway, I get to see my favorite linebacker, Brian Cushing of USC and steroid fame, get to rough house and manhandled offenses. Cushing is really the only reason I root for the Texans, beyond the fact I like to root for underdog teams. And living in Ohio, the games I get to see of them are limited so going out to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch them was enjoyable.

Well it would be if the Texans had been able win, and their defense once again gave up on critical plays to let the Eagles in 34-24. I won't put it all on the defense though as the offense had several miscues. Schaub throws an interception at the end of the first half, and for once, the defense held the Eagles offense to just 3 points.

Texans actually took the lead of 24-20 in the third quarter but that wouldn't last, Vick does what he has been doing all year. He made big plays and ended up rallying the team, fly eagles fly.

Texans were expected to finally have a break out year and get to the play offs, and with the weakness of the AFC south its not totally impossible. But with a 5-7 record, they would need to win out to manage that feat and hope the other AFC south teams struggle on

Well Cushing, still hot and still enjoy watching you.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

College Football Week 12-13

Plenty has happened in the past couple of weeks, shame on me for being lazy....just a lot easier to watch football than find time to write about it. And I love Nathan Williams, a beast for OSU defense.

Notre Dame Finishes Strong...for once: It is all about how you finish. 7-5 looks a lot better when its due to a 3 game win streak than a 3 game losing streak. ND has not had a strong November in quite a few years, Weiss' run was notorious for having his team fall apart as the season came to a close. Kelly has had a rough year, that looked like it was about to fall apart when October turned nasty, but they held together. They found a defense and managed to play tough, old school ND football. And not to be forgotten, but that 8 year losing streak to USC was finally broken with a 20-16 win in LA. They will get some eh bowl, or maybe something decent cause ND brings money, and hopefully another win. It is all about how you finish.

I wonder what Urban Meyer is thinking: Last season, Florida was an offensive juggernaut that was poised to win a 3rd National Championship. Meyer and Tebow was an unstoppable team, well not totally, Bama rolled them over but then they came back to utterly destroy Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl. It is jarring to see, this season, how incredibly inept and ineffective the Gator's offense is. Florida St is better but looked like they were in another class in the rival game and finally broke the 6 game winning streak of the Gators over Seminoles. When you see Florida's trio of QBs all doing badly, inceptions and fumbles, Urban Meyer must be thinking, "I wish Tebow was here." I think it is a rare thing for a coach and player to seem to be fundamentally link in all phases of the game. Meyer has been able to adjust and tweak his offense when it moved from Leak to Tebow but there was no answer to Brantley, Burton, or Reed. It will be interesting to see what happens in the off season and into next year, Meyer has things to change.

The Fallen Lone Star: It has to be a historic fall. Texas was really one bad throw away from winning the BCS National Championship and now they are not even ranked. They are 5-7, not going anyway to any bowl this year for the first time since the late 90s. Mac Brown is going to really look through his staff and heads will roll for whats happened. Texas has no issue with gaining talent so they will rise again but it might be harder than it was. The Big 12, or soon to be 10, has much more depth now with rising powers in Oklahoma St, Missouri, Texas A&M and possibly Texas Tech. I wouldn't be surprised if Texas reigns supreme next season over the diminished conference but its hold will be more tenuous than in past years.

The Big Ten's Big Three: Wisconsin, Ohio St, and Michigan St will all share the title of Big Ten Champions this year. Each of the teams will end with a one loss record in the conference and showed varying degrees of dominance throughout the year. Wisconsin put on another show of force and seemed to be on a totally other level than Northwestern. Ohio St and Michigan went at it again in "The Game" but its definitely not the same game. Ohio St has owned Michigan the last couple of years and the only real game of national consequence was in 2006 when the teams were ranked 1 and 2. And like last year, it wasn't competitive and Ohio St extends its winning streak. The only close game was Michigan St and Penn St where Joe Pa created a rally in the 4th quarter that ultimately failed. Wisconsin has the highest BCS rank and will then go out to the Rose Bowl and Ohio St will likely go to the Sugar Bowl.

BCS Busting Bronco's Busted: The Boise St Broncos have been always knocking on the door to get into the BCS championship game, they are the constant outsider. They had played perfect through 11 games, sometimes being challenged and sometimes just walking through weak teams. They got one final test against a ranked Neveda team but even that wasn't expected to be a loss. This is why we play the game, cause Neveda pulled off the upset mostly thanks to Boise St missing two field goals. They missed one to win the game and then missed one to win the OT, so Neveda comes out with the big win. TCU is now the only non-automatic qualifier school that can possible get into the Championship game is Oregon or Auburn loses.

Newton rolls back the Tide: I honestly thought that Alabama would beat Auburn and for the first half of the game if seemed like I was right. Alabama was rolling with offense and Auburn had no answers, so yea everything was going right. Of course there are two halves in Football and Auburn turned the game around. Cam Newton seems to have cemented himself as this year's Heisman winner, barring any real evidence coming out about a pay for play issue. I think its ironic that Alabama's starting qb gets knocked out of the game, and that ultimately is what causes them to lose. Alabama knocked out Texas' Colt McCoy in the Championship game and made that game much easier to win.